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After spending 9 years as a Church Army Officer, I went to Ripon College Cuddesdon in 2009 to train for ordination in the Church of England. I was ordained deacon in September 2011, and then priest in September 2012, serving as Assistant Curate in the parish of St. Botolph Northfleet and St. Mark Rosherville. Clare and I married in July 2000, and our son Nathan was born in September 2010

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Introducing the family

Most people visiting this blog will be well acquainted with the rest of the family, but for any new visitors, here is a brief introduction.

Clare & I met during my Church Army training, when I had a 4-week placement at her church in Newchapel, Stoke-on-Trent. We hit it off straight away (with only 4 weeks, I had to move quickly!) and spent the next 2 years in a "long-distance" relationship where one or other of us would make the journey between Stoke & Sheffield at weekends. We got married in July 2000, shortly after I finished my CA training.

Clare and Nathan
Clare is probably the most patient person you would ever meet, as well as one of the most caring. Her last paid employment was as a Care Assistant in Biggin Hill, working at a day centre. She is now loving being a full-time Mum! We both enjoy going to the cinema, although we haven't been nearly as much in the last year - we haven't even managed to see the last Harry Potter yet!

Our 'gift from God' is Nathan (that's what his name means), born in September 2010. We really do think of him as our little miracle - we didn't wait for 10 years after getting married on purpose! It was a long, long journey for his arrival, and we are treasuring every moment with him. At time of writing, he is a little under 11 months old, he has been crawling for about a month, and loves being on his feet, cruising round the furniture. We don't think it will be much longer before he walks! Latest trick he has learnt is clapping, which he is very proud of!

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