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After spending 9 years as a Church Army Officer, I went to Ripon College Cuddesdon in 2009 to train for ordination in the Church of England. I was ordained deacon in September 2011, and then priest in September 2012, serving as Assistant Curate in the parish of St. Botolph Northfleet and St. Mark Rosherville. Clare and I married in July 2000, and our son Nathan was born in September 2010

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Full steam ahead!

Just a quick update, having been on holiday for two weeks, and then had a very full first week back!

Went to see Bishop Brian on Monday to talk about my first 9 months as a deacon, and had a very good conversation about what has been life-giving and life-denying during that time. He said there is no question about me being ordained priest in September, so it's all systems go.

For anyone interested, the ordination is on Saturday 8th September, and I will be presiding at my first Eucharist the following morning! Awesome, exciting, a little daunting, and lots more emotions besides! I am sure I will reflect more fully on the prospect as the day draws closer...

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